Complete, End-to-End Customer Experience Management

HyperPointe offers a full suite of services to help you design, deliver, and optimize the personalized experiences your customers demand. Whether you’re in the prelaunch planning stages or looking to maximize earnings from a mature brand, we create superior customer experiences for your patients and physicians alike.

From Data to Engagement

1. Plan

  • Personalized customer experiences designed for patients and physicians
  • Conversion roadmap

Set yourself up for success. We use insight and foresight, combined with behavioral science, to design the highly responsive, personalized customer experiences that drive greater engagement and brand success.

2. Target

  • Predictive analytics
  • Lead scoring
  • Descriptive statistical modeling

Really know your customers. By mining the 60,000 attributes in our Experiential Data, we build predictive algorithms for product initiation, conversion, and adherence that let you target customers with hyper focus. Our algorithms are the most advanced in the industry.


3. Activate

  • Customer experience management
  • Digital and CRM Creative Services

Automation makes personalization easy. HyperConnect analyzes and reacts to customer interactions in real time. So your dialogue with each customer diverges down its own unique behavioral pathway toward the desired outcome automatically, while you tend to other aspects of your business.


4. Optimize

  • Real-time dashboard reporting
  • Customer experience optimization

Rapid insights improve results. The HyperConnect dashboard consolidates your marketing data from every channel in real time. Then we apply our advanced analytics to rapidly optimize your customer’s experience—and your brand’s performance.

Personalized Experiences That Build Engagement and Loyalty

From data to engagement, HyperPointe applies The Science of Connection to create the superior experience that delivers better outcomes for your patients, your physicians, and your brand.