HyperConnect Delivers the Personal Experiences Patients and Physicians Demand

Customer centricity is the new imperative in today’s outcomes-driven era. Patients are more empowered than ever before…health care professionals are increasingly pressed for time…and everyone is looking for personalized experiences that match their specific wants and needs. Smart marketers are responding to this demand—and it’s working. Studies show that, on average, personalization generates a 19% increase in sales.1 With HyperConnect, you can create highly personalized, custom-tailored experiences that deliver better outcomes for your patients, your physicians, and your brand.

  1. Source: Econsultancy survey of more than 1100 digital marketers and ecommerce professionals. April 2013.

Data-Driven Technology That Fuels Engagement

HyperConnect aggregates data from multiple sources to create predictive algorithms that not only reveal deep insights into customers' past behavior, but also predict future needs and behaviors as well. The HyperConnect personalization engine reacts to customer responses in real time, automatically serving up the most relevant, target-specific communication. And the built-in behavioral analytics component gives you real-time insights into campaign performance for rapid, ongoing optimization.

Only HyperConnect gives you all this in a single, integrated technology platform:

  • A complete set of customer experience functions and services
  • Seamless integration with all digital platforms, including sales force automation systems
  • Full scalability
  • Easy implementation
  • Designed exclusively for pharma

HyperConnect uses Experiential Data—our combination of 60,000 pharmaceutical, health care, and consumer data points—to build the industry’s most advanced predictive models for product initiation, conversion, and adherence

How Does It Work?

HyperConnect is a cloud technology platform that works seamlessly alongside your existing systems or acts as a stand-alone, end-to-end customer experience management solution. It’s easy to install and set up. And our team is right there with you every step of the way, from design and implementation to ongoing operational support and quality control.

Data Aggregator

  • Reveals deep insights about past customer behavior
  • Integrates data from all sources, including sales force automation

Predictive Algorithm Processor

  • Anticipates customers’ future needs and behaviors
  • Builds predictive models from our Experiential Data
  • Scores leads in real time

Personalization Engine

  • Automatically serves up next-best communication
  • Gives customers the information they need—often before they know they need it

Experience Manager

  • Responds in real time to customer action
  • Automatic, omnichannel deployment

Business Intelligence Reporter

  • Enables real-time insights into campaign performance
  • Provides a consolidated view of all key performance indicators across channels

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